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On project 4, nothing is working for me when I activate it. One of my fears is the resistors may be wrong.
The code matches the project perfectly, there are no errors upon compiling. None of the LEDs light up at all.

According to the resistor color code guide, a 10 kilohm resistor has stripes of brown-black-yellow. But I don't have that in the starter kit. I've got some brown-black-red and brown-black-orange.

I've attached a set of comparison images. The first image is of the 2 closest resistor types I have (you can see in image 1 which resistor I have in the breadboard). The second image is from the projects book showing what I SHOULD have received in the starter kit.

Thank you.


10K is brown (1), black (0), orange (3 0s).

1K is brown (1), black (0), red (2 0s).

100K is brown (1), black (0), yellow (4 0s).

You can always use a meter and confirm before putting them in your circuit.
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Hi, the one you are using is a 1kilo Ohm resistor.
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