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Hello everyone...
I need to control a large 1.5 Kw motor 24 Vdc ...
To shortcut I would use 2 BTS7960 units ...
But in parallel ..
The motor should only run one direction, so the setup will work in half bridge.
naturally in PWM at 8 to 10 Khz with slow ramping up...
So instead of 43 A I counted on 86A and with some common sense there are probably only 60A due to timing differences etc.
what do you think should it be possible?
possibly with some inductors on the outputs...

Regards Kim Jessen


Yes it is possible but you can get MOSFETs in the 100 amp range.  Why not take two of them and connect them in parallel, (Drain to Drain, Gate to Gate, Source to Source with a common heat sink (very important). If you have copper bar available I use it as a heat sink as it also connects the two drains.  Use avalanche rated logic level MOSFETS with a 50V rating. You will not need any clamp (fly back) diodes as it is built into the MOSFETs.  Be sure to calculate the heat sink requirements.  If you want you can buffer the gate drive but do not add resistance. This response is to help you get started in solving your problem, not solve it for you.
Good Luck & Have Fun!

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