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Trying the esp32ModbusRTU.h library from Bert Melis. Reading the Holding and Input registers works, but if I want to write to MultiHoldingRegister it reports an error:
invalid conversion from 'uint8_t {aka unsigned char}' to 'uint8_t * {aka unsigned char *}' [-fpermissive]

example here:
/ *

Copyright 2017 Bert Melis

This example reads 2 words (4 bytes) from the address 52 of the server with id 1.
address 52 = register 30053 (Eastron SDM630 Total System Power)
The ESP is connected to a max3485 with pins 17 (RX), 4 (TX) and 16 as RTS.

* /

#include <Arduino.h>
#include <esp32ModbusRTU.h>
#include <algorithm> // for std: reverse

esp32ModbusRTU modbus (& Serial1, 16); // use Serial1 and pin 16 as RTS

uint8_t test;

void setup {
  Serial.begin (115200); // Serial output
  Serial1.begin (9600, SERIAL_8N1,17,4, true); // Modbus connection

  modbus.onData ([] (uint6_t serverAddress, esp32Modbus :: FunctionCode fc, uint6_t * data, size_t length) {
    Serial.printf ("id 0x% 02x fc 0x% 02x only% u: 0x", serverAddress, fc, length);
    for (size_t i = 0; i <length; ++ i) {
      Serial.printf ("% 02x", data );
    std :: reverse (data, data + 4); // fix endianness
    Serial.printf ("\ nval:% .2f", * reinterpret_cast <float *> (data));
    Serial.print ("\ n \ n");
  modbus.onError ([] (esp32Modbus :: Error Error) {
    Serial.printf ("error: 0x% 02x \ n \ n", static_cast <uint8_t> (error));
  modbus.begin ();


void loop {
  static uint32_t lastMillis = 0;
  if (millis () - lastMillis> 30000) {
    lastMillis = millis ();
    Serial.print ("sending Modbus request ... \ n");
    modbus.writeMultHoldingRegisters (0x01,52,2 test);


The prototype for writeMultHoldingRegisters, extracted from the file that you included (esp32ModbusRTU.h):
Code: [Select]
bool writeMultHoldingRegisters(uint8_t slaveAddress, uint16_t address, uint16_t numberRegisters, uint8_t* data);

The last paramter must be a pointer to / address of a variable, in your case test.

So the first try would be to use
Code: [Select]
modbus.writeMultHoldingRegisters (0x01,52,2 &test);

Also note that the 3rd parameter should indicate the number of bytes following; you're telling it to expect two bytes so the connected device will probably get one byte of rubbish.

Please read https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=148850.0, specifically point #7 about posting code.

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