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Topic: Is there a way to turn a Mega clone (CH340) into a joystick without flashing? (Read 1 time) previous topic - next topic


I'm completely new to Arduino. I'm trying to build a flight simulator cockpit and got a clone for an Arduino Mega (CH340) with an Atmega16U2, which I intend to use to make a joystick.
From what I've read so far, I need to use UnoJoy if I want to turn my board into a joystick, but this process is not (easily) reversed. And I fear there's a chance I screw things up (since I'm a newbie). So I was wondering if there is any other alternative I could try, before going ahead with the UnoJoy option.



You can't brick your Arduino Mega.

You can always get it back to "original" condition by using DFU.

I turned my Arduino Uno into a USB keyboard just to try and then went back.


Thanks, ieee488 :)
But does this also work for a clone Chinese board? I read that to revert the process needed to use UnoJoy I'd need to get an original board (which I don't have).
Also, I read somewhere that vJoy seems to be an alternative to UnoJoy without the need to flash the board. Is that correct?


As far as I can tell DFU requires shorting two pins together so nothing to do with CH340 or not.


got a clone for an Arduino Mega (CH340) with an Atmega16U2
What is it? A CH340 or an 16u2. For the former, you're out of luck.
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