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Hello Engineers´╝î

I  am Will from Levetop semiconductor.

Our main product is LCD/TFT graphic controller.

Support 8/16-bits MCU parallel interfaces, and SPI, I2C serial interfaces
Built-in Ggeometric Drawing Engine: provide Point Drawing, Line Drawing, Curve Drawing, Ellipse, Triangle, Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle Drawing
Built-in 2D Graphics Processing Unit: provide Magic Rotation, Reflect, PIP (Picture in Picture), Hybrid Graphics and Transparent Display
Built-in 128Mbit Display Memory
Support 16/18bits RGB type TFT Panel from 320*240  QVGA to 1280*1024 SXGA
Built-in Standard ISO/IEC 8859 Fonts
Built-in Two 16-bits PWM Timer
Support SPI and I2C Master Interface
Three Power Saving Modes: Standby,Suspend and Sleep mode
Package: 128pin LQFP

We have function libarary and Arduino Library available, too.

Our product P/N as follow:

LT7681   640*480   8/16bits/SPI/I2C
LT7683   800*600    8/16bits/SPI/I2C
LT7686   1280*1024  8/16bits/SPI/I2C
LT7680A  640*480   SPI/I2C
LT7680B  800*600   SPI/I2C
LT7680+  1280*1024  SPI/I2C

any questions, feel free to contact us


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Hello Will,

I want to build an audio spectogram using an MCU and found your product. I am tempted to use a 5" version. However, I am unsure if I can use your product for my application. I would need to display some static stuff like axis and so on, that's no problem. The dynamic part will only update one frequency spectrum (one line, let's say 800 dots) per time unit, the older lines will just move upward. Will I need to keep track of all the data points or can I use a built in function of your product to handle this task? The problem in keeping track of all dots is the huge demand of MCU RAM (each dot needs to be saved to RAM). Where can I find a datasheet and where can I buy your product? I am from Germany but I can wait a few weeks if necessary. Thank you!

This picture gives an idea of what my spectogram should look like.

(image not working, please use this link instead)

Best regards,


hello Domme,

sorry just read your message, our chip support 2D draw line function May  i know the refresh speed of your data?  it is a critical factor.

you may visit our web www.levetop.tw/en.

if you need samples, you may need to buy directly from us


Hello Engineers

Levetop released a new IC LT7689 , an efficient serial Uart TFT panel controller, which combines the Cortex-M4 MCU and 2D TFT graphical display accelerators.

512KB Flash, 256KB SRAM, rich resource for development
multi-group SCI interface  which can be connected to Bluetooth modules, WiFi modules, etc.
Secondary development to meet more TFT panel applications.
Support 320*240~1280*1024 16/18/24bit RGB Panel
 Embedded 2D Graphics Engine, support Rotate, Mirror, PIP(Picture-in-Picture) and Alpha-Blending
 Support USB2.0, SD Card (SPI), I2C Interface
 Embedded 128Mb Display Memory

 Develop board available for 40pin or 50pin STD TFT Panel , optional with 5" 800*480 panel  or  with 7" 1024*600 panel


Hello Will, 
   Could you tell me where to get some code samples for levetop chips. I have a round LCD that I trying to control and am having a hard time finding a suitable controller. 


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Hello Will, Please let me know where I can get levetop chips samples code as I tried in lot of spaces. This will be highly appreciated.

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