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Dear All,
I'm doing a university project, which involves using EMG's to detect muscle contraction, and depending on the signal, the mouse on a computer would move up, down, left, right or click. I have created a circuit involving an amplifier with a gain of 500 followed by a bandpass filter, with a rectifier. When I connect the output to the Arduino and then to my computer, I get a signal with two frequencies. However, when I connect the output to the oscilloscope, we can just see one frequency. Does anyone know why this is, and how I can remove this additional noise frequency?


Without knowing how you connected it to the arduino or the computer or your code
we would need a crystal ball.


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Without more information it's impossible to say.   However I would look at the Arduino sample frequency, you might be undersampling and not getting the information you see on the scope.

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Is there some reason you can't post screenshots of the two scenarios ?

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