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Hi guys,

ive been tinkering on IMU angle measurements on mostly a Arduino Nano and MPU9250. Quickly it came to its boundaries of performance, and i was repeatedly pushed towards faster processors. The IMU is running, but i cannot run anything else on that Nano.

Now theres a new kid on the block....the 33 BLE sense. It has on board all the gimmicks, and 8x the clock rate of the nano....has anyone tried IMU gathering on one of these new toys?



Yes, the board comes with working examples. What do you want to know?


Can you directly grab Tait-Bryan angles from the board? (Yaw, Pitch, Roll)? How does the calibration routine run?
Have you tinkered with it and can give an accuracy guesstimate?


The sensor is a ST LSM9DS1. There is a datasheet available directly from the Arduino website or you can find it on the ST website. The device has been in production for a couple of years, you can probably find some real-life accuracy feedback online. The data is in the datasheet. I can tell you that it works, but not how accurate the sensor is.


The standard library from Arduino is just reading the values from the senor. I found a LSM9DS1 library on GitHub that computes the Tait-Bryan angles. I do not know how good it is.


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