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I am in need to create a device that can trigger a Digital SLR camera to take a single shot, this is pretty simple as I have seen arduino Intervalometers out there. However it needs to be triggered by another input signal and transmit wirelessly to the camera unit, and may need to take up to 4 pictures a second. I have been advised my curators not to divulge all the details over the web, so if you are interested please email/call/skype me and we can discuss it.

I have all the kit here 7D Canon DSLR / Studio / wireless intervalometer that can be taken appart .. but need one of you genius's to help me make it work. I am willing to pay a fee or work on it as a jointly credited project and am ideally looking for someone in London or england as there may be some hands on work involved, I am based in Hackney, London.

I think the project has got some great potential, so hoping someone things its up there street.


mr at christopherpearson dot com
Skype: christopherpearson

www.christopherpearson.com (my website is down at the moment, should be up soon)


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