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The diagram on https://www.arduino.cc/en/Hacking/PinMapping2560 and also it's source in the SVG in PinMapping2560.zip contains at least these errors:

  • Pin 93 label has typo: TMK should be TCK
  • Pin 91 label is badly wrong: PF6 (ADC6/PCINT14) should be PF6 (ADC6/TDO)
  • Pin 90 label is badly wrong: PF7 (ADC7/PCINT15) should be PF7 (ADC7/TDI)

The Pin 93 typo appears in the table as well.  The Pin 91 and 90 entries in the table are mostly correct, but they inconsistently omit the /TDO and /TDI parts of the parenthetical multiplex notes.

There may be other errors (I haven't checked the entire diagram or table).



Thanks for pointing this out @bkerin!

I wonder if these errors were inherited from an earlier version of Atmel's ATmega2560 datasheet. The reason I suspect it is because the chip diagram looks identical to the one in the datasheet, other than the missing "AVR" (which I seem to remember was added recently), and the added "Mega 2560" and the red text.

The people with the access to edit the Arduino documentation don't always monitor the forum posts, and so may not see your report here. The best way to bring this to the attention of the people who can fix it is to submit a report on the bug tracker:


People are careless, that is the fact and reason never trust such sourced, but mainly cleaned official datasheet and errata (as they are not 100% correct either).

Hopefully, VCC and GND where not swapped... ;)

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