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Good afternoon,

I'm looking for someone that can either talk me step by step through writing my code or willing to write it for me.
The project consists of an:

Arduino UNO
A DS3231 RTC AT24C32 I2C Precision Real Time Clock & Memory Module
And 42 Neopixel Jewels 

The Neopixels are arranged so when lit they become the white dots on three Dominoes:

The first Domino will display the hour
The second Domino will display the first minute digit
And the third Domino will display the second minute digit

I can make the physical part of the project and can wire the electronics, I have a basic understanding of code, but need help to proceed

Many thanks, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on my project




This project looks like a great opportunity to design a PCB with the LEDs mounted in appropriate positions to match the spacing of the dominoes.
What is the budget and time frame for finishing the project?


Good Morning,

Thanks for your replies.

I have finished building the physical part of the project already, just the code left to get it working.
Its just a personal job to go in my own living room, however my wife is fed up with how long its taken so far, hence the call out for help on here, i probably could get my head around writing the code myself....but shes not willing to wait that long!
I've no idea how much I should expect to pay for the code, but i am happy to do so.



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It would definitely help if you post your current code, images of the contraption, and schematics.

I do assume you have at least test sketches that show you the different parts (RTC, LEDs) are actually working?
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