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Hello everyone,

 I try as best I can to understand why my ethernet shield is not recognized by my arduino UNO ...

 Currently I am using the basic IDE examples.  But at each initialization I have:

« Ethernet shield was not found.  Sorry, can't run without hardware.  :( »

 Do you have an idea?  I have absolutely nothing connected on the shield (Pin In / out), the shield is well pressed on the UNO, and connected to my home ethernet switch.  All the LEDs seem to flash correctly anyway.

 It is a shield w5100 from SUNFOUNDER, new, first use

Any help?


I see this type of post all too often.

WHAT library are you using? WHAT code are you using? What did SUNFOUNDER say when you contected them about their shield?

No-one can guess what code or library you are using!
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Thanks for your answer but I solved by myself my problem yesterday evening... I finally reduced the length of the shield legs by few milimeters and now everything is working fine ! :)

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