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Nov 24, 2019, 07:57 am Last Edit: Nov 27, 2019, 07:27 am by ElCaron
I still have to learn more about routing : push and shove seems to be promising !
Maybe because KiCad has less features than Eagle ?
Does it? I find KiCAD got quite a few advanced features in the last few years. Not surprisingly, with CERN behind it. I never really used Eagle, but a colleague of mine recently switch over from the paid version, because he needed some features. May have been differential traces.
Besides that, "push and shove" is not "promising", but it is an extremely great feature that you will never want to miss again after you used it once. At least for me, adding a feature and then having to route a trace between others is quite a common task and what am I going to do, redraw all the traces around that? But I thought Eagle had that too?


I'm still using Eagle. I want to switch to KiCad but the interface is a bit different and I'm still not used to KiCad yet.  I am hoping to master KiCad before Adobe does something stupid like making free version obsolete or locking them out with stealth update.


I have been a happy user of (Windows Only, sorry) ABACOM.DE products SPRINT LAYOUT and SPLAN.  Sprint Layout is a super easy, very customizable PCB program.  I have had no issues using this with services like OSHPARK but it has been primarily for PCB creation at home.

SPLAN is also an excellent drawing tool for schematics.

The strong points of both of these are that they are specifically NOT EDA packages.  They are NOT integrated.  They are basically tools with the ease of use of MSPAINT.

I've been using these products since 2003.

YES, I have used EAGLE, and KICAD and and even many you likely have never heard of.  I still reach for these because... sometimes... I just want to get things done and not wrestle with the software.
I have exactly the same experience: I have used EAGLE and KICAD, but for me, the very best and simplest ones are SPRINT LAYOUT and SPLAN.
The price is < 50$, they have no limitation unlike most freewares, and they have the best ergonomy (at least for me !).

Since I have used them 10 minutes, I have definitely abandoned all the other software...

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