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Hello everyone

I am not fairly but brand new to FPGA programming with quartus (i have played on school with Altium educational boards).

I have a few questions:
1) I know the people at arduino are very busy, but (I am not asking when just yes or no) will the GUI for the vidor will eventually be released?

2) In intel quartus is there a way to start a brand new project, and how can I import the needed files for a bare bones programming experience? More specific how can i import the constraints and other dependencies trough the GUI?

Thanks in advance!


Templates for Vidor4000

USB Blaster sketch for direct programming FPGA.

If you do custom image to FLASH then you need to use recovery stuff to get factory image back.


Okay thanks!

But is there also a way to program to fpga from a new project in quartus without those files?
With recovery do you mean pressing twice the button or?



Yes you can start with empty project but you have to read schematics to map needed pins.

Also you need to use USB Blaster sketch if you don't want to solder adapter cable to header under the pcb and buy jtag adapter.

Without creating JIC file for programming FLASH it's safe because you only program FPGA fabric. Without programming FLASH you have to configure FPGA everytime you start device because it load configuration from FLASH.

I think that FLASH recovery is one of pinned threads.

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