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Dec 30, 2019, 09:52 am Last Edit: Dec 30, 2019, 09:53 am by vj0104

I have been bashing my head around this issue for 2 weeks now and I am no close to figuring out the issue. I found a schematic for an Ethernet shield with the microcontroller ENCJ28, I decided it would be perfect for a personal application I am doing, so I duplicated it and had no issues. It is now I decided to try it again but using the WIZNET W5100, it is only to see if I can do it again, so I saw a schematic for a shield online a seeduino shield using the W5100.

Seeeduino Ethernet

I saw the schematic for this and decided to duplicate it, it is only to see if I could do it again, I got some PCB's developed however it doesn't work and I cannot figure out why
I will attach my eagle files of my pcb's, I know it is a big ask if someone can help me determine what I have done wrong within my hardware.

Below are a few notes of changes and things that are different on my pcb hoping it will help.

  • Ethernet socket being used without leds even if the footprint is in my schematic
  • SEN pin (pin 31) needs to be connected to 3.3V which i am aware of and have connected a wire to it
  • C12 on my schematic is a 10uf 50V electrolytic capacitor where in the seeduino it is tantalum 10uf 10V
  • U4 is a 74ACT245 i feel as if i have added the wrong one here but not sure. this is the link to the one i purchased 74ACT245

I know it is a big ask I'm hoping someone can help me determine what I have done wrong, to help me in the future as well. I will provide you will all the information you require.

If someone can help I would be extremely grateful

Thank you


You could start by converting both the board layout and schematic to PDF-files so people like me that doesn't have Eagle installed can have a look and give some recommendations.

// Per.

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