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there is gonna be a celebration in 3 days,
i'm gonna get some money in my pocket   $)

but what to buy, but in a cheap price?

servo motor?
prototyping shield?

i need some answers and quick  :smiley-eek: :smiley-eek: :smiley-eek:


What do you have now?
C'mon, answer, quick! Tap, Tap, Tap ... 8)
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Buy a savings bond now.

You will never run out of things you may want to buy, but very possibly you will run out of funds before you can buy them.  ;)


Lefty for President  :D


What do you want to do with the stuff you'll be  buying ?
If you don't know, just buy everything.


Money in your pocket???
It seems to me, that you like to burn some  ]:)

Buy everything .. buy, buy, buy (that what banks want you to do)

So.. stop,.. save it...invest in knowledge, costs nothing, gives you a lot...


buy, buy, buy (that what banks want you to do)

Not with the "money in your pocket":  they only want you to "buy, buy, buy" if you use their credit cards, so they can charge you interest rates that used to get people tarred and feathered.

Back to muneeb's question...

Make a prioritized list of the projects you've been wanting to do, but couldn't for lack of parts/tools.  And a list of recent occasions where you've cursed and said "I could've done this in half the time if I had xxxx".

The answers to your question will become fairly (though probably not completely) obvious.

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