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Although I don't think you really need to "train" to fly a quadcopter, you can do hand-assisted takeoffs first, with one person who keeps a loose grip at an arm distance. This is sort of dangerous but if it flies stable, you should be fine.

Hand launching a prototype quadcopter with an inexperienced pilot is probably one of the most foolish things a person can do.  The only time hand launching should even be considered is with a known stable quadcopter that already has hours of real flight time, flown by an experience pilot that has hours of flight time on THAT quadcopter.

I've seen first hand the kind of damage even a small plastic propeller can cause to human flesh.  It ain't pretty.  I wouldn't want to be within 20 yards of any sort of prototype quadcopter flying, regardless how experience the pilot or builder.  People would be well off thinking of quadcopters as modern day Phantasm-like flying flesh shredders.  Show them the respect they deserve.  If you ever get bit by one, you WILL regret it.


what about making some sort of "training gear" for a new quadra like you use for a newbie RC heli pilot.

it will add mass far from the CG therefore stabilizing it a bit, and it will help prevent tipping when it contacts the ground.

once you have it flying stable with the gear, it should be fairly easy to retune it to fly without.
I have not had any experience with a quadra but am fairly accomplished RC pilot (plane and heli)

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