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Jan 02, 2020, 08:58 am Last Edit: Jan 02, 2020, 09:01 am by Eric731
Hello from Eric. I'm currently using a Dell Inspiron 11 Model: 3181 Chromebook to connect via USB to my Pro Micro ATmega 32U4 5v 16MHz Arduino board.
1. Problem: I'm having trouble installing Arduino Create Agent-1.1-linux-x64.run file.
which unzip/file app do I need to open this on my Chromebook?
2. Problem: when i try Testing my Arduino board using:File|Examples|01.Basics|Blink in Arduino Create there is an error:"could not reconnect after resetting board".
Also, when I click on Monitor selection in the Arduino Editor column it says "Serial port temporarily busy".
This Test procedure I'm using states that, Note: The Blink sketch does not blink the Pro Micro LED unless you add "#define LED_BUILTIN 17" to the start of the program and accept the compiler warning.
I've even closed the Arduino Create app, disconnect connection to Pro Micro board and restarted the whole procedure. No luck :smiley-confuse
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Eric/KB3DTQ email:christian.eric41@gmail.com

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