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Hi guys, i have a project and i need your help.

1 x nema 17 stepper motor
3 x limit switch
1 x dsservo rds3218
5v power supply
12v power supply
A4988 stepper driver
Arduino Uno

I want to program the 2 limit switch
1. When first limit switch is pressed, the stepper motor needs to rotate 30 steps (clockwise) then servo rotates 75 degrees and -75 degrees to back to initial then stepper rotates 100 steps (clockwise) and servo again 75 degrees and -75 degrees to back to initial. After that, stepper needs to rotate to hit limit switch to go to homing position.

2. Same thing as above just the number of steps will vary. I can easily change it if i get the steps above.

Please let me know if extra info is required.  Thanks


You should show your progress so far, and how much you are paying.

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I know how to wire everything. Its only the programming part that i would like to get.


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So show how it's wired, then someone can quote you... maybe $0
Posting your existing code (in code tags) also gets a better response.
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