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i received my uno yesterday and was trying to upload the sample blink program/

I get "avrdude: ser_open(): can't set com-state for "\\.\COM3"  error message.   I researched  the post on the forum  and on you tube.   I did everything suggested to no avail.    i even tried the uno on an old vista laptop  and it also would not upload either.   Did i miss something or do i have a defective board?

help please  paul f



sorry about that,   if have the uno with amega328p u chip.   installed the ide program,  plugged in the uno
It setup com 3.   in the tools both the correct board and com port is selected.  in the file/ preferences  the upload is checked and the compilation is not.   the scetch compiles ok ,  but i keep getting the above error message.     i have tried different usb ports, rebooting , resetting uno, uninstalling the program and reinstalling.   updated the com 3 driver.     i have read every post pertaining to this problem and followed all the suggestions.  I even went on utube and followed the posts.   the all pretty much said the check the things i checked.  I tried the uno on an old vista laptop and it would not upload on there either.

did i miss something or is the board defective

please help


I installed ide 1.0.6 on my vista lap top..IT WORKED.   but i still cant figure why it wont upload on my win 10 lap top.   i have done extensive research and tried every thing but still get avrdude: ser_open(): can't set com-state for "\\.\COM on my uno ver3




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Error indicates bad drivers

Is this a clone uno with a different serial interface chip? (Official boards use an 16u2 running firmware that makes it into a usb serial adapte; clones usually use ch340g, sometimes cp210x ). Check markings on black chip near usb port on arduino.

Drivers for clones are not installed with the ide - just Google your os version, part number of serial adapter chip, and the word "drivers "
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