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Today I again installed the latest version of the IDE on my Windows machine.
Repeating a failed experiment doesn't usually provide a different result.

To my mind it would make a lot more sense to install the old version of the IDE on your Windows PC if you want both PC's be be able to compile the program.

If you want to find out what needs to be changed in the program so that it will compile with the newer IDE then, if it was my problem, I would take large chunks out of the program and see if the resulting shorter version would work. If it does then add back the removed pieces one at a time testing at every stage.

If the short version still does not work at least the range of things to consider will be a great deal smaller.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


When this array was increased to 36 rows one of the problems returned: an unscheduled and unexplainable "reset", the prgm started a new.
Which array?

Anyway, changing array sizes resulting in unexplained behaviour coming and going indicates a high probability of a bug in your code. Does this happen under Linux as well; or is this a Windows-only issue?

I'm not sure why you want to compile under both systems. The (original) Linux version works so I would start writing the Windows version from scratch.
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