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How do I use ArduinoModbus library to read/write other slave devices in the Network using modbusTCP . ?
No documentation or example programs are given anywhere

Thanks in advance


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no examples?


no documentation?
For more information about this library please visit us at https://www.arduino.cc/en/ArduinoModbus/ArduinoModbus

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All the examples which i got was with modbusRTU.

In my case i am trying to write/read to a memory location of a slave modbus device using ModbusTCP.


I am using Arduino as Modbus Master on

I have a openplc software running on a raspberry pi on

I want to  do Modbus write/read from to ( Raspberry PI)


I have Used an Ethernet Shield and the communication is happening over Ethernet network.

I am not able to draw an analogy from Wifimodbus classes and functions to Ethernet modbus.

Any help is appreciated.

All I need is to write to a modbus slave device using Modbus running from Arduino.



I am a newbie with respect to Arduino programming.

I couldn't make much sense of this particular project.  Can you please elaborate as to what function I have to use to connect to a modbus slave with IP and which classes has all the Coil/register read/write operations ?

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