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Topic: Saves up to 60% of Sleep mode power. Due, Uno, Mega etc. where AtMega8U2 / 16U2  (Read 1 time) previous topic - next topic


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I've been thinking about a solution. How to Reduce Unnecessary Power Consumption on Arduino Cards. I found that at least the Due, Mega, Uno cards are constantly active with AtMega 8U2 / 16U2 / 32U2. I added the code to the firmware so that the AtMega bootloader chip goes into PowerDown mode when the USB cable is not connected for four seconds. When the USB cable is reconnected, the bootloader will restart.

This firmware update lowers Arduino Due, Mega, Uno etc. card power consumption about 0.07W, or 5v / 14ma.

Would it be possible to make this change to future cards already at the production stage.

I don't know if this post is looking at anyone who might be affected. The change reduces sleep-mode power usage.

Test results for Arduino Due:
Power (on) Blink program 113ma to 100ma / 5v.
Power (wait-mode) Blink program 23ma to 8.5ma / 5v.


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