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Jan 14, 2020, 08:36 pm Last Edit: Jan 24, 2020, 08:24 pm by pert
Hi there!

Some long time ago I suggested to add some threading to the forum software. I'm very used to use newsgroups/usenet and I often miss that feature. I find it quite hard sometimes to follow a certain aspect of a project discussed.

Instead of enhancing the forum software: Why not have a news server that can be used by old suckers like me?


K├Ânnen kommt von kunst.


I think because news has such poor security at the protocol level that new sites became 99% spam and porn.
Also, not sure how they interact with the www.  Back in the day, a particular news host had many users and a completist stash of news.  Does scale well to one computer,one user...

(Although the new site that CAD soft used for EAGLE support seems to work pretty well...)

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