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      I am new to arduino, but i have been programming avr 8-bit controllers for quite sometime. I wanted to ask if i could burn my hex code generated by studio directly into Arduino Duemilanove. I dont want to use ISP programming but the USB provided by arduino for this purpose. Please help.


Kindly note that i want to use c as coding option for my arduino. I want to code the avr controller with avr studio generate the hex file and burn it in my arduino using the bootloader option provided in it. I havent got much about it anywhere. The usb programmer interface will help avoid using external programmers like USBasp and stk500.


hex code generated by studio

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I believe you will have to use AVRDUDE in command line mode to do what you wish to do, upload hex files directly. Lots of info if you search for it.



yes, you should be able to use avrdude with "-c arduino"
The arduino bootloader only implements a subset of the STK500v1 download protocol, and I don't think that it works with the programmer support that is built in to AVR Studio.

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