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Can anyone help me with the code of obstacle overtaking  car using fuzzy logic. I am using ir sensor at back , ultrasonic sensor in the front , servo motor for steering and dc motor?


Hi and welcome to the forum.

Yes, we can help you with your code.
We do that a lot.
You post what you have, and describe what problems with it you have.  How does its behavior differ from your expectation?


I want to include newping lib in this code how to do it . I have attached my code below


At the top of every forum is a sticky post named How to use this forum - please read.
It is very helpful for new forum members.  You should read through it.

It talks about how to post code using the code tags to make it easier for us to help you.  After you do, see if you can edit your reply#2 using code tags as covered in the sticky post.

You have code that does something.
You want to add newping to it.
What have you tried?  Have you looked at any newping examples or tutorials?  Have you tried adding it to your sketch?  How did that go?

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