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Have you finished your project? I also want to use RC522 RFID reader for my project. But multiple readers are interfering each other.


Actually very easy, the walls between squares can be made from black ABS plastic, so IR light will not penetrate it.
If the squares can be separated by walls then the sides of the wall could serve to contain mechanical contacts.  The pieces have their identity encoded via a series of contacts, forming a binary code, which mate with the socket and make, or fail to make, a contact.  Think processor chip pressed into a PLCC soldered socket on a PCB.  Contact status is read into the processor by a series of PISO registers.  Sockets and piece bases are keyed so only one orientation of the piece works.  Add some SIPO registers to flash LEDs.
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An Electronic Chessboard Using RGB LED Strips and HALL EFFECT SENSORS


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