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----- EDIT ----
Hired a programmer for this project as of 4/19.

Hello everyone,

I'm very inexperienced with coding and I am willing to pay someone to solve my current issue.

Desired outcome:
 - Combine 4 already created and tested animations into a single sketch within 2KB of memory.

Since I have very limited programming experience, I altered existing animations to fit my needs. However, I have no idea how to combine them. The animations I altered: FastLED Cylon, FastLED Fire2012 (into two different animations), and Meteor Shower by Chemdoc77.

I know how to wire everything up, and have several data pins available in order to facilitate.
I would be able to test the code and provide feedback as I am currently stuck at home. I do have online classes during the day, but have several breaks that I would be able to run code and provide feedback.

Additional details: I would need all 3 lengths running my altered FastLED Cylon to start at the same time (current functionality in sketch). Fire2012 and Meteor shower will need to be continuous but not necessarily in sync.

Hardware: ItsyBitsy 32u4  2KB RAM and 28K FLASH

Please send me a quote and I would love to work with you.

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