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I got hc-05 and whenever I tried the guide about how to access its AT-Command this appear in my serial monitor (attached file). Can someone help me or give me the link if this problem has been already solved ?

Thank you !


The default baud of the HC-05 is 9600, but you have Serial Monitor set to 38400. Unless you have changed the baud rate of your HC-05, try setting the baud rate menu near the bottom right corner of Serial Monitor to 9600.


Oh, I see ! Thank you ! That's quite easy LOL


You're welcome. I'm glad if I was able to be of assistance. Enjoy!


Did that actually work? Quite possibly not.
I tried the guide about how to access its AT-Command
This implies you want to configure HC-05. The baud rate to send AT commands to HC-05 is 38400. This is not a default rate, it is the only rate, no exceptions.

This means that HC-05 and Arduino must be set to 38400 in order to send the AT command. The baud rate to serial monitor is a different item, uses a different serial port, and has nothing to do with HC-05. You can leave it on whatever it is at the moment. All that matter is the serial monitor and Arduino rates match.

A typical case in point:

Arduino <> HC-05 38400 software serial
Arduino <> Monitor 9600 using plain old serial.

Your code for configuration probably reflects the above. If it doesn't, it is likely because it is not code for configuration. The default rate for serial monitor is 9600, and there is no need to change it for this exercise.

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