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dear Arduino forum,

I was looking for a way to familiarize myself with sensor data readings and mapping these so I used the tutorial I found here:


however it is full of bugs and in need of corrections to run properly and so I wanted to attach my rewrite of this as well as of the schematic diagrams. is there a way to update someone else's code or tutorial. I am new to this forum so am not sure how to do this?

Thank you.



The best way to propose fixes or improvements to the "Built-In Examples" (which the calibration tutorial is) or "Examples from Libraries" tutorials is by submitting a pull request with the changes you want.

The built-in examples are here:

And the library examples are in each library repository under the arduino-libraries organization:

The calibration example is here:

You are welcome to first post your proposal here on the forum to get feedback from the community. We may be able to help you refine the proposal.

As for other tutorial content that is not hosted on GitHub, the best thing to do is to send your suggestion to Arduino via the support form:

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