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Does anyone know of a source for robot chassis like the ones at VEXROBOTICS.COM
but for a lot less money?


Go to Home Depot, buy some aluminum sheet, drill holes in it, and have fun.

More seriously, the cheapest chassis is the one you build yourself from raw materials: HDPE is nice, as is extruded PVC sheet and various other low-cost plastics (polycarbonate is nice in that most woodworking tools will work on it, but it's a pain to cut without some sort of power tool).


I did find extruded ABS at interstateplastics. It comes in various sheet sizes
and makes a sturdy base and is lightweight.


Cheapo swap meet RC cars work if you know what you're doing.  I didn't, but at least I knew where to come to ask for help. :)


Cheapo swap meet RC cars work if you know what you're doing.  I didn't, but at least I knew where to come to ask for help. :)

THIS ^^^^

Though I prefer to pick mine up at Goodwill and other thrift stores - I never spend more than $10.00 each (most of the time $5.00); go on half-price Saturday @ Goodwill, and really have a ball! My best, two, three best R/C finds have been a WowWee Roboquad ($5.00), an MGA QUADTRAX "Tarantula" ($25.00 - wasn't half-price day, and it was just too cool to not buy), and some kind of large R/C tank ($10.00).

I don't understand why more people building robots -don't- shop at Goodwill (or other places) for these toys...

I will not respond to Arduino help PM's from random forum users; if you have such a question, start a new topic thread.


Speak of the devil; anybody want to guess who helped me get my robot moving?

Thanks again cr0sh!


I built from the VEX platform, when Radio$hack started clearing out their inventory. I'm more than sure you can find similar parts on EBay, or even (if you're of the sacraligious type) find a tagsale or even on EBAY and find someone selling an old Erector set, which the VEX framework was a direct steal.

I'm still trying to get a tank frame I put together long ago, when VEX still supported the version 1 programming kit. I've since stripped it of the VEX controller, and I'm now trying to build it on the Duemilinova. (if it requires more I/O, I have a MEGA-2560 waiting.)  Main problem, is finding time to do the project.. Too many other things going on in normal life, and too many headaches when I go to try something new in the programming, and it doesn't work.

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