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Will the Arduino SIM work with the SIM900 by SimCom? Ive tried everything to get this thing to work but its not happening. Im a complete noob when it comes to this and have tried every tutorial ive found with no luck.


is sim900a work in Egypt and what is the changes (hertz or something else)to make it activated?


Try this.

- Set Jumper in SIM900 module to work with hardware Serial, not de pins 7&8, you will use 0&1.
- Next, connect SIM900 module to Arduino connecting:

SIM900                   Arduino
pin 0     -----------> pin 1
pin 1     -----------> pin 0
GND      -----------> GND

5v         -----------> 5v
GND      -----------> GND

- Connect Arduino board to PC using USB port.
- Empty the Arduino board, dont load anything.
- Open Monitor and use 9600 or 19200 baud.
- Type AT and press ENTER. You will receive an OK or 0 message.

If you receive a response, then you have connection and your modem is working fine.

Next steps are:

- Check the SIM card, area able to call and send SMS. You can check it using a smartphone.
- Put the SIM card in your SIM900 board and check it is connected to net with command AT=CSQ?, you will receive a +CSQ : 0.XX.

Good luck

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