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I have been traversing the land of IoT for quite a while now, and one of the important things that I need to know is connecting the device to Cloud. I can do this now by using the
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PubSubClient library and generate a SAS Token based from the primary key generated when registering my device to the Azure IoT Cloud. I use MQTT connection for this.

My question is: Since we now have ECC508A chip integrated to the board, how can I fully utilize this for establishing connection to the Azure IoT? I know that there is already a library to utilize the chip itself but there are now tutorials or guidelines on how to use it to connect to cloud.

My basic idea is that I use X.509 certificate for this but again, I'm a little bit lost on how can I use it.

Or is using a SAS authentication enough for security purposes?

I have the Arduino MKR WiFi 1010.


Now I know the solution:

We just need to create a self-signed signature then copy the thumbprint and use it to register to the Hub. Then use the certificate for SSL connection.

Thanks for letting me answer this on my own. I really appreciate it

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