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I have an esp32 , during my project run, some instances esp32 is crashed.

then I try to plan watchdog timer feature in esp32 so that while stuck the program, the module is restarted automatically.

could you please tell me, how can I implement watchdog timer in esp32 ?



I am guessing that, at least one WDT is already enabled. Are you getting a Guru Meditation error, then its not a WDT issue.

Anyways, if you want to poke around the WDT, yourself, you might look at the ESP32 Watchdogs API https://docs.espressif.com/projects/esp-idf/en/latest/api-reference/system/wdts.html

Also you might be interested in https://docs.espressif.com/projects/esp-idf/en/latest/api-guides/fatal-errors.html which is the ESP32 Fatal Errors API.

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