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I got a uno wifi rev.2 but I can`t connect this board with my home wifi
I set already firmware updated lastest firmware. I select the example wifinina > ScanNetworks and compile the board and than I open the tool serial moniter to check the wifi connect to "uno wifi rev2"

(I check the firmwareVersion and  check the result is passed)

I set the wifinina the lastest version and check firmware and update lastest version but I can connect the wifi to board..... plz help....


I solve this problem...

all problem people use cable to computer or laptop;;

in my case I use the laptop so cable voltage convey low volt.

In this case, you need more power like 12 voltage battery and connect to your board.

I think if anyone had a problem with my case buy connecter about battery 12V and connect with your uno rev2


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