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I'm trying to program an ATtiny85 with a Nano.

I programmed the Arduino ISP sketch into a nano, using COM6 and USBtinyISP. (tetsted fist with a blink sketch, all is ok). COM6 shows up when I connect the Nano.

Now after I programmed the Arduino ISP sketch into the Nano and I connect the Nano again, I do not see COM6, only COM1, which is always there. Also when I try to test it and  upload a blink sketch (using Arduino for ISP as programmer and COM1) for the ATtiny I get the error it can not connect to the programmer (no responding)...

Anyone know why?


Is your Nano connected to your computer with the USB cable, as usual, or is it connected to your computer via the USBtinyISP?


it is connected with the USB cable to the usual port of the PC. As programmer I choose "Arduino as ISP" in the IDE instead of the "USBTinyISP" accorcing these instructions



Does the Nano still not get a port if you plug it in to your computer after disconnecting it from the ATtiny


Found it, the programmer board I made had a short-circuit in it

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