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Hi all,
i've bought a MKR GSM1400 and i need to send to (via 3G connection) bluetooth data received by a  Nano 33 IoT board. Is it possible to connect the nano board as shield to the MKR GSM1400 ? And if so where can i find an example to do this ?



You can't connect it as a shield, but you can connect the two boards and communicate between them. You'll need to decide which communication interface you want to use. Serial would probably be an easy way to go. The Nano 33 IoT has an extra hardware serial port (Serial1) on pins 0 and 1. The MKR GSM 1400 has an extra hardware serial port (Serial1) on pins 13 and 14. So you just need to make an RX-TX, TX-RX connection between the two boards. There are many examples of doing serial communication. Don't look for examples specific to connecting a Nano 33 IoT and a MKR GSM 1400, because you won't find any. But any example about serial communication will apply. At most, you'll only need to change the name of the serial interface.


You're welcome. I'm glad if I was able to be of assistance. Let us know if you end up having any questions as you proceed with the project. Enjoy!


Dear PERT,
I noticed that you recently responded to a question on the 1400.

I also posted a question on the 1400 but have not received any response on it.

I am hoping you can help me even if just a little.

Here is what's happening :


I am using the MKR 1400 and it is working fine EXCEPT that for some reason there are major delays in receiving the SMS messages whenever they come in rapid sequence.

I am using a slightly modified version of the ReceiveSMS (example sketch) for this test.
The setup()  is unchanged
Here is the modified loop :

void loop() {

  if (sms.available()) {

    Serial.println("Message received");


    while (! sms.ready()) {


    while (! sms.ready()) {

    Serial.println("MESSAGE SEEN");


So for example I would send 5 short SMS to the MKR 1400 (each one right after the other )

Then on the serial monitor I would see the first message come in and then some seconds after the 2nd SMS would show up and then several seconds after the 3rd would show and then sometimes the other 2 messages take quite long before they are received.

AND if I take that same telephone SIM and place it in a cellphone and I repeat the same 5 SMS tests ...... ALL 5 SMS would be instantly be received on the cellphone without practically ANY delay.  Therefore it is definitely not an issue with the GSM service provider

I just cant figure out what could be causing such large delays on the MRK 1400 board BUT it is really a show stopper for the application I need to run on it.

Any assistance on this matter will be greatly appreciated.


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