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I have a project that needs a lot of wiring for it to function.
I have seven HC-SR501 PIR sensors that will control seven corresponding LEDs.
= if all sensors are triggered, 49 LEDs would light up.

(It's an art installation project, hence the need for so many PIR sensors and LEDs.)

I was wondering how this would all be wired onto an arduino and a breadboard. There is limited input / output/ground space for me to work with on the arduino.. I'm not familiar to this so I'm not sure how everything should be wired together.



For an Art installation you should not be using bread board, you should make it on strip board and solder everything up.

I would try and get help from a local hack space as it looks like you know very little at the moment.
If you do want to try and learn yourself, start off by getting an Arduino kit and trying the examples that come with it. Get a feel for how things work, both hardware and software.

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