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I would like to know how to get a 2N3819 transistor to amplify a freq from 1MHZ to 50MHZ.

There is many diagrams on the internet but for a few years now just cannot get the 2N3819 to work.

I always end up using a 2n2222  or BC238 but I would like to measure lower Rf values,with a freq counter.

Thanks for any advice.


Why not use the 2N2222 ?  It is cheap and if you had it working for higher frequencies then you should have no trouble at a lower frequency.

You seem to be comparing a JFET with a bipolar transistor.  Did you use a different circuit ?  What is it ?



Biasing for a JFET is totally different to a BJT, and depends on the device specs much more.

When you say "amplify a freq from 1MHZ to 50MHZ." do you mean to imply broadband?
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