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Hi there,

Me and some friends are using an existing sketch for a timer module, that originally uses Adafruit 878 displays. Because we want to build something new (with 4 displays per person), it will save us a lot of money if we could use TM1637 displays instead.

The sketch is far to complicated for me, but i think the main issue is the adressing of the displays and the writing to the displays. And because of the adressing, probably some pin settings need to be changed to.

If you're curious, the original code can be found in the attachment.

Can somebody help us out?

Thnx, Rick



"it will save us a lot of money" translates to 20 bucks or is this going to be a commertial product?


The original Pinewood Derby Timer sketch appears to be by David Gadberry at dfgtec.com. Someone wilfully removed the license and attribution from the top of the sketch - not cool.


It saves us 11 euros a piece (price difference is big here), We thought about linking one front and back, so 4 circuits times 2 displays times 3 friends makes 24 displays for us together. Since we all built our own, we might even screw up one or two during soldering. It could save us up to 250+.
I have no idea how much time and work a sketch change like this will cost, but i figured it's worth a try, as maybe it's easy for a pro.

You're right, i should have leave the author in the code. I was afraid people wouldn't change the code with that information (sorry, i'm an amateur). But again, you're right, that was a bad decision. I'll try to edit my post and remove the code. All the respect to David Gadberry, Pinewood Derby and dfgtec.com.

I'll stick with the Adafruits, thanks for todays lessons.


It can save you 250, if you do it yourself, otherwise it will cost you more :)

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