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I am new to Arduino programming, but I have not found much on transmitting images from an Arduino. I have an Arduino Uno with the ESP8266 ESP-01 Wifi Module. I am using the OV2640 2 camera module. For my school project, I need to take a photo (ideally live stream video, but we will settle with pictures) and display the image on an MIT App Inventor software based app.

From what I can tell, this software would require that the Arduino Uno displays this image on a web page.

To summarize, how do I (or is it possible to) store pictures taken by the Arduino to a server/web page?


Cameras and Arduinos don't play well together: that appears to be a 2 megapixel camera, which means that you can't store the image in memory. Consequently, all you can do is read the image data from the camera byte by byte and send it to the target that will display it.

That means sending it to a PC over serial that can pass it on or using wifi/ethernet to send it directly. Serial will be slow - several minutes per image.


Disregarding the time the task may take, is it possible to send the image captured by the Arduino to a mobile phone?

I am just confused on the workflow/schematic including the camera, Arduino board, Wifi module, and mobile device. Has anyone successfully transmitted a picture to a mobile phone through wifi?


Forget the camera for the moment.

A file is just a bunch of bytes.
To test this out, all you need is a file with bytes from 000 to 999 and see if you are to transit the 1000 bytes to Android app.

Then multiply that by 1000 so you are doing that for 1000000 bytes.


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