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I'm attempting to read measurements from an MLX90614 infrared sensor using an Arduino Wifi Rev 2 board over the I2C connection. I have the sensor connected to the SDA and SCL pins on the board and I can see the sensor using the ScanI2C sketch but when I run the Adafruit mlxtest sketch using the Adafruit_MLX90614 library, invalid readings are returned.

15:22:04.626 -> Adafruit MLX90614 test
15:22:04.673 -> Ambient = 1037.55*C   Object = 1037.55*C
15:22:04.720 -> Ambient = 1899.59*F   Object = 1899.59*F

When I use the same sketch on the Uno R3 board, the sensor works as expected. I'd really like to get the new board to work due to the additional memory and wifi capabilities. Any suggestions?

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