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Good evening all

I am new to audrino and I keep hearing about audrino when it comes to my creation. I could just go out and buy a vending machine for 1000 dollars or feel so accomplished building my own. I need some techie help. So Idea is I want a:

Bill acceptor to accept Bills in which activating a stepper motor(as research I think that's the one I want) in which the stepper motor needs to turn ONLY ONCE 360° turn then STOP! until another bill is inserted and repeat process

The question I have ultimately is what materials I need
Bill accepter/validator
Stepper motor
And what else exactly

I'm sure the bill accepter gets plugged into something(audrino) which pulses a signal to dc motor to operate but I cant find a valid answer.

Help me please


I've deleted your other cross-post @Sbarrett89.

Cross-posting is against the rules of the forum. The reason is that duplicate posts can waste the time of the people trying to help. Someone might spend 15 minutes (or more) writing a detailed answer on this topic, without knowing that someone else already did the same in the other topic.

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Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Are you proposing to pay someone for this help @Sbarrett89? The reason I ask is because this forum board (Gigs and Collaborations) is specifically for offering paid work. We are happy to help you learn to do your project for free, but there are other forum boards that are more appropriate for that. So if you want to pay, then you're in the right place, and it would be helpful to make it clear that you want to pay. But if you want free assistance I should move this topic elsewhere.


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Not a problem sorry did not know

I dont know where to post this I'm looking for 'direction" or "education" to do this project. Please help me get to the right area

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