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Topic: ESP_WiFiManager for ESP32/ESP8266 supporting MultiWiFi/LittleFS and ESP32_S2 (Read 3874 times) previous topic - next topic


I think you'd better check the closed issues at Issues of ESP_WiFiManager first. Then post any new issue there from now on.


Releases v1.5.0

1. Add support to ESP32-S2 (ESP32-S2 Saola, AI-Thinker ESP-12K, ESP32S2 Dev Module, UM FeatherS2, UM ProS2, microS2, etc.)
2. Add Instructions to install ESP32-S2 core

Releases v1.4.3

1. Fix examples' bug not saving Static IP in certain cases.
2. Add feature to warn if using examples with old library versions

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