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My device will be non-kinetic (it's going to be screwed to my office wall :)) the "POV" comes into it when you consider that only 1 led will be lit at any given moment.  It will be like a very small, low-res TV set in essence.

I can hear you all thinking "What is this idiot talking about and why is he doing this stupid project?", Yeah I know.  I'm only doing this as a means to an end... to teach myself about the various aspects of electronics design and manufacture - I'm a hobbyist and nothing more.

This thing will simply be a one-off, just to see if I can see a project from end to end.

Thanks for the hints about veroboard and the turned pins idea.  I think that's the only way I can realistically do this.

I've been measuring things up and I can arrange the LEDS on a 7.62mm (full metal jacket anyone? :)) square grid if I skip 2 rows between leds horizontally and 1 row vertically.  I think the skipped rows will allow me to trace the anode/cathodes without too much trouble, but it will be a HUGE amount of soldering.

With that in mind I think I'll try to get hold of some 8"x4", double-sided copper clad perfboard, at least that will make the traces easier to route, plus i won't have to drill it myself.

Well thanks for your help guys, I appreciate your valuable time and knowledge! :)



You have checked out the peggy2 kit, right?  625 LEDs...


I've decided to go with the perfboard and turned pins idea...

Many thanks everyone. :)


Looks like a good start - what's the interconnect plan?
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Well, I originally wanted to use solder bridges between the pads to make nice clean lines along the board, but for some reason I couldn't get the solder to bridge easily, I was making too much of a mess that way.  Good job I tried it out on a bit of scrap perf first!

In the end I decided to connect all the cathodes in each horizontal row of LED sockets together using a single strand of stripped bell wire to give the solder something to adhere to.  That's worked well enough, even if it's a bit ugly.  But it's not as if that side will be visible in the final build anyway.

I've just finished that a few minutes ago.  Now I've got to make lots of small bits of wire and thread them through at 90 degrees to the first set of wires and then make connections to all the anodes in each column of LEDs.

That's going to keep me busy for another day or three!

I'll upload more pics when it's done.

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