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My granddaughter is about to begin a college course on networking..

She fancied getting to grips with the Arduino gear.

Now, I own an Arduino board and I know there is a network addon for it...

Question is, would I be best getting the addon or should I get her the
latest Netduino board?

Not bothered about cost/value for money, it's a case of which has the
biggest following for her to tap into...

Thanks for any suggestions



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I would recommend the Arduino + Ethernet Shield. Very nice shield.
As for the Netduino, that has -nothing- to do with networks. While the arduino is programmed in C/C++ (as you know), the netduino is programmed in .NET, which is microsoft's own programming language. I'm sure you could find something similar to the etherent shield for netduino, but I would recommend the arduino overall.

See here:



Thanks for that..
I had been looking at the Netduino plus with network and SD card built in
but as you say, it's dot net...

Having looked into it further, there is heaps more infomation and source
for the Arduino + network shield so I think I'll go for that..

Thanks again for the help 8-)

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