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I've got an Arudino/Genuino 101 that's repeatedly disconnecting from the computer. Last program loaded was a Blink, computer is running on Windows 10 Pro. Nothing else is plugged into the board.

I've tried:
  • Connecting using other cables (doesn't help, and I've check that the cords ARE working with other 101 boards)
  • Plugging in another 101 board to see if it's something with the computer (other board worked fine)
  • Testing on different computers (problem persists across other computers, and in any USB port I try)

Is this a known issue with the 101 boards (and if so, how do I fix it?) Or is this just a faulty board? I'm using a classroom set, and trying to figure out if this one's a dud that needs returning.

Thanks in advance!


The 101 is very fussy about the USB cable being used.
Shorter and higher quality are better for this particular board.

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