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Hello everyone,

Im enterested to build a rudimentary pick by light system using an arduino uno, a hand bar code scanner and a usb shield, in order to this the idea of the project sound like this:

1. I have 3 difrent products A,B,C. Each product have his own barcode.

2. Each product is compound from 3 subassembly parts (1,2,3)

The purpose of the project:

1. When the barcode of product A is scanned, the light from the bin wich contain the subassembly 1 is ON, after the subassembly 1 is was taken, the light from subassembly 2 is ON..and so on.

My question:

1. How can I trigger a light (output) using a data sended by a handscanner?

Let me know if you can help me with some hints and links.

Thank you!

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