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Thought I'd drop by as I finally get a little more time, and want to get back to a project I had to do with arduino but for which I need someone's help on the hardware side, as good as I can be in programming, I've really very little knowledge on electronics. Right now I've in my possession since quite sometime an arduino Diecimilla, not the latest one so obviously using the latest model is not a problem. With my little knowledge I thought maybe it would be easier maybe though with the Arduino 2560 because of the much higher number of I/O pins, but I really don't know what is the best.

Okay now what is exactly the project, well I'm quite a simmer, and I always yearned to make a "little" MCP for controling the autopilot within the sim, with something real, anc actually, a 737-800 MCP as source, and I thought of purchasing one, but I saw the price going around 1000€ so well I thought it was probably possible to do something on my own, that would not be that expensive.

I've made a rundown on what is needed so here it is what would composed an MCP.
13 square push buttons with leds
3 small round push buttons
5 rotary selectors (4 rounded, one kind of volume buttons)
1 double rotary selectors
4 simpler switches that flips up/down
3 green leds
6 numerical displays (3 for three numbers, 1 for five numbers and negative sign, 1 for three numbers and decimal symbol, 1 for four numbers and plus/minus symbol)

And that should be about it, the goal in it self is quite simple, I need to be able to get inputs, and make leds, or button leds on and off following user actions, and display values accordingly.

I've done a little trial a while ago and was able to get values to and from the sim and through the arduino creating a little program that would do the talk between both, so I know the transmission of data is possible, though it was very simple and the arduino was just incrementing/decrementing values so I would check if it worked, with no electronics behind.

Well I don't know if it is complex or anything, that's just something I've wished to do for quite sometime, and that I think once done and working to share schematics, program and everything so that it can be used by other on their own and adapted maybe by others for other kidn of aircraft and all.

I don't know the correct eletronic terms for each kind of switches and all, that's why I need a bit of help, even to know if that is possible to do.

Here is the result I want to approach, I know I will probably not get to the exact point of the real thing, but at least approach it and have the complete functionality, which is the most important.

Have a look at this picture which represent what it looks like : http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=209922335714225&set=pu.165758250130634&type=1&theater




How did you get on?
I'm trying to find information for exactly the same project.
Best wishes

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