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Currently I am researching ways to build a sound activated system.

Type of experiment:  Build a board that controls a paintball loader.

Criteria to be met:

1.  It has to detect sound and activate a 9 volt powered hobby motor that could be found at any radio shack.
2.  Once it has been triggered by sound, the motor will remain active for a solid 1 second interval then stop running.

3.  If the sound is consistent, the motor will continually run until said sound has ceased.

4.  Must be able to use two 9 volts.

5.  Needs to be fairly small.

There are boards on the market sold just for this in the world of paintball, however, I am interested in building my own for use in side projects.
Also the cost of those boards are around 60 bucks, so that's another reason I want to make this work ( hopefully cheaper).

If anyone can think of the simplest and cheapest way to put something together, I would greatly appreciate the input.
                                                                       --- Many thanks,  


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Heck, you could probably easily do this with a 556, a 2n2222 and a handful of passives (cost - under $5.00)...


/remember - not every problem requires an entire microcontroller to solve...
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