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The board stopped working when I was trying to upload a rather heavy sketch including heavy serial traffic to an other board. Now it seems to be completely dead and only good for powering up the LCD backlight, the other board and few LEDs connected to the prototype. (all pins seems to be HIGH for some reason)

I've gone trough all the troubleshooting advices at http://arduino.cc/en/Guide/Troubleshooting and I have also done the serial loop test (remove atmel and connect tx to rx) which does NOT work. The power LED lights up but all other LEDs are off no matter what I do.

Is there anything more what I can do before I order a new board? I don't have other Arduinos laying around for testing and this one is only 2 weeks old(!)

Hopefully someone can come up with a smart advice as browsing the forums for hours hasn't helped me this far.


I came to think of that maybe I was pulling too much current out from the board: LCD with backlight + 85mA other board pulled out from the 5v pin. It had worked for days already though. Ideas?


Have you tried to replace the chip itself with another one, the shield may be still working. Replacing the atmel328 only is cheaper than buying a new uno

Check if the chip itself will work in another shield?
(just use a simple blink sketch)

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